About us

Welcome to IT-Consultant. We are a team of friendly professionals with many years of technological “know-how”. Let us help you find a solution to your company’s needs. At IT-Consultant we want to help your business thrive and grow. We want you to help us understand your business goals and demands to better provide you with a personalized service and a perfect solution for your business’ needs. IT-Consultant also understands that in order to be successful in this day and age, you need to be accessible 24/7. Therefore, we are easily accessible via the web, email, telephone, or even on-site if needed. We want to help you succeed.
We are an international company of professionals; we have more than 20 years of experience in technology, computing, and electronics. We have attended many high-tech international projects in several countries. We have worked with Motorola, Ministry Defense, Ministry of Industries, Ministry of Education, Intel, Texas Instruments, ADM, and TelRad.
We can provide specialized services in security systems and cybernetics services in computer systems.