Technical Support

We provide technical support for companies and individuals both personally and remotely guaranteeing an immediate solution in the presence of any event. We have multi-platform technical support for Windows / Linux / Mac with online assistance 24/7.

We act in a comprehensive manner; our experience allows us to know the different demands of computer technical support of companies, no matter what your business. Our professionals are trained to analyze immediately the solutions available for your companies which are interactive with other technology providers.

Technical support offered:

We can provide the best service and solutions for printing.
We can design and install wiring LAN / MAN / WAN networks as well as provide switching, routing and electrical power solutions for systems.
We can manage traffic between networks and the Internet, QoS.
We can monitor networks, analyze their traffic and their performance.
We can install or repair computers and servers, laptops, tablets, and other components of your network for your home or business.
We can backup and configure your functions and applications into a network, cloud, or local setting.
We can provide the installation and configuration of NAS or SAS, to save your data.
We can recover data, disasters, breakage or any other problem.
We can perform server and computer maintenance.
We can perform structured data and telephony wiring (multipair, UTP / FTP / STP, fiber optic) for categories 5e and 6.